Friday, November 18, 2005

Fitzgerald Sits Another Grand Jury.

Reports are out that Patrick Fitzgerald has sat a new grand jury in his investigatory job.

What does this mean? Much and nothing. I am sure quite a few on the left are getting visions of ball & chains (attached to the legs of Karl Rove, the President, the Vice President, et al) in their heads.

It seems rather coincidental this new grand jury is seated just at the time the revelation of Bob Woodward's early knowledge of Valerie Plame came out. In fact there probably is no coincidence and this second grand jury was seated in response to a set of facts that have come out.

Now, the seating of a grand jury does not mean indictment it means investigation and unless you are a Ronnie Earle you don't keep trying until you get the result you like. I am quite certain once again we will have leftists dreaming of a Fitzmas morning and coming out weeks before any further announcements telling us how the whole Bush administration is going to be executed for treason. A much more prudent course of action is to wait and see.

In the days leading up to the Libby indictment people were here telling me how their sources were certain a dozen indictments were coming down. IIRC, Lawrence O'Donnel had nearly two dozen indictments coming down. Sheesh.

My guess, is the focus of this new grand jury is on this person who had a talk with Bob Woodward.