Saturday, November 19, 2005

Kevin Is Rolling Over...

Wait a minute, Kevin is still alive, well, and kicking. I refer to Kevin from Lakeshore Laments.

LGF features a story that refers to UW Eau Claire:
Since its original development in the mid-1990s, the Tunnel of Oppression has become a nationally recognized program offered at a number of college campuses including The Ohio State University, the University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire, [emphasis added] and The University of Nevada Las Vegas. Some campuses use it as an element of diversity training within the residence halls while others have fully incorporated the idea into their campus programming efforts. Campuses have implemented the program in various ways, incorporated various themes, and have realized varying levels of success. Following the interactive portion of the Tunnel, many campuses offer students an outlet for processing the activity including panel discussions with faculty and staff members.
Source: Little Green Footballs - College Thrills and Chills
Sounds very much like South Park's Museum of Diversity.

I loved the scene where a guy was smoking a cigarette boy did the "Museum of Diversity" staff unload on that guy. Get out of here "dirty lungs".