Thursday, December 01, 2005

If a Blog is Published And No One Reads It?

What would be the equivalent to "if a tree falls in the woods and no one is near does it make a sound" in the blog world?

Most of my blogs are at best second level commentary and probably third level. My interest in blogging is more of an international one rather than one of local interest. Therefore the competition for attention is much more keen after all I am a two bit blogger in a two bit part of the world when there are 2000 bit bloggers working the same alley I am trying to work.

Yeah, you probably can tell I am feeling frustrated (my recent TTLB demotion doesn't help matters). For once I have something to offer a debate and it is completely overlooked. Yeah, I am talking about the to do over Harry Reid's comment on OBL being killed in the earthquake. I sent notice to Michelle Malkin that I blogged on possible earthquake killed Bin Laden over one month ago and called Scott at Powerline (they publish phone numbers, real stoney of them) mentioning the same thing. In addition I left notice at Pajamas but once again I feel Pajamas is not so much for the little guys but for the big guys as they point out a number of articles on the topic from bloggers we have all heard of.

Perhaps I should have mentioned the story I referred to was sourced to a CIA guy (it was) and left out the part about it being published in a newspaper.

No don't expect me to make a regular habit of defending the likes of Harry Reid but when we criticize our political opponents we had better come up with honest criticisms lest we become like the left.