Sunday, December 25, 2005

Is Wafa Dufour a Big Deal?

I have been thinking about the situation with Wafa Dufour (Sorry googlers, no pix here, see my previous blog for a snapshot). I see her pix and yes, she is a hottie, but so? There are many other hotties walking down the street.

The thing I see happening is her status as the niece of the most wanted man in the world is really going to help her out with her career aspirations. She supposedly wants to launch a singing career well she has a tremendous shortcut to that aspiration. Please, she says she wants to be accepted for who she is and her talents but I am skeptical of that claim. If you want to be recognized on your own you don't let GQ do a whole story you prominently mentioning your infamous uncle.

She has a tremendous opportunity in front of her. How much do you think Penthouse and Playboy magazines are offering her to pose without the bubbles?

There are bright and shiny pieces to this story as well as some dark and seamy.