Friday, December 23, 2005

Bin Laden's Niece.

At least technically. Wafa Dufour is one of the nieces of Osama Bin Laden. Check out the link guys you will not regret it! Anyway. She is the only Bin Laden left living in the USA and has disowned the Bin Laden name and family.

This is one thing that sets me off. Anything with the Bin Laden name attached to it is automatically assumed to be terrorist. According to the report Wafa's father and Osama are two of FIFTY siblings. Think about it, if your father had sired 50 children perhaps some would be upstanding citizens and others would not be.

The Bin Ladens are not Sauds therefore they are a peg or two down on the power structure in Saudia Arabia, they may be important but not indispensable. If all the Bin Ladens supported Osama's program then they too would be defrocked of Saudi citizenship. IIRC Mohammed Bin Laden was from the Yemen region. Recall Osama's program includes doing away with the Sauds and replacing them with "properly Islamic" custodians of the two holy mosques.