Thursday, February 09, 2006

Fear Mongering.

SHrillary Clinton brought up the tired cliche how the Administration is using fear to win elections.

Of course she says this almost before her statements on how the Democrats can be tough against our enemies are out of the auditorium. I see some contradiction there.

In any event the Democrats engage in fear mongering aplenty. They try to paint a picture of terror and abuse coming from the Bush Administration.

Now, if I say watch out or X may get you this may be considered fear mongering. Of course, it could be advising prudence and caution in the face of a genuine threat. I think the Administration has the easier case to make that its warnings and rhetoric are genuine and most in the nation see the Democrats warnings (admittedly these come from the mid to far left of the Party) of a coming 4th Reich as hysteria to be disregarded.

After all WTC-I, Blackhawk Down, Khobar Towers, the East African embassies, the Cole, and finally 9/11 are not figments of hyperactive imaginations they are grim reality.