Friday, February 24, 2006

Hannity is Real Annoying!

More about the Ports deal and how Hannity is so wrong about it.

I can sympathize with Leftists. When you don't agree with what Hannity says he is
extremely annoying.

Talking about repeating of talking points. He says the UK did not recognize the Taliban nor provided channels for 9/11 logistics. Again, is it beyond people's comprehension that bad things that happen in a given nation does not come close to meaning that nation's government is in on it?

So? Richard Reid, the Brits harbor radical Islamic Imans, of course the UK gave rise to two sets of tube bombers.

You know, lets talk about what is happening now, not what happened yesterday.

Yeah the UAE does not recognize Israel. Perhaps we should cease using the UAE as a port of call for our Navy, perhaps we should stop using their airbases.

IIRC it was in the movie about the stripper that was dating the Governor of LA (the younger of the Longs). The Gov was talking about blacks and said "We have to stop kicking them in the day and sleeping with them at night." No doubt!

At least as far as moderate Arabic nations go, ones that are cooperative in the War on Terror why don't we stop kicking them by day and sleeping with them at night.