Friday, February 10, 2006

Its Worse Than I Thought In Europe.

Reading The Brussel's Journal one finds some very disturbing trends.
The government of Slovakia has fallen after criticism by a European Union committee that it protects Catholic doctors against being forced to perform abortions. Two clashes of civilization are currently taking place in Europe. Freedom-loving people having to fight on two fronts. One involves the radical segment of the immigrant Muslim population that opposes basic Western values such as freedom of speech and that is intent on imposing Islamic taboos (such as the mere fact of depicting their prophet Muhammad) on the non-Islamic population. The other involves radical secularists that want to eradicate all remnants of traditional Christian culture from post-Christian Europe by restricting the right to conscientious objection on the part of religious people.
Source: The Brussel's Journal - The Other Culture War: EU Brings Down Slovak Government (Paul Belien)
So, what we have here is an EU that is tripping over itself to please Muslims while at the same time doing its utmost to stamp out Christianity and any sense of Christian values.

The only thing with enough will to fight against the Islamic tide in Europe (and save the radical leftist secularists from dhimmitude) is being stamped out wherever it is found.

When the Cartoon Conflagration first started to flair up I saw other European papers publish the photos and the Jyllands-Posten stand up against the demands for apology. Now, even after it became clear the controversy was manufactured by Islamothugs, the editor responsible for the original publication of the cartoons is placed on extended leave, the paper apologizes, Canada confiscates an entire run of a college paper with the cartoons, our media (here in the USA) refuses to show them etc. Now add on the fact that doctors who believe abortion is an extreme wrong are to be forced to perform them.

Where does it stop? Is Germany (the one nation in Europe that seems to have backbone) going to be required to outlaw the production of bratwurst? How about black pudding in Poland?

Europe stop your blind and willing dhimmification before it is too late. Is Ayan Hirsi Ali the Churchill of our time?