Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Latest Unrest In Manila.

Is unfolding as I type this blog to you. Here are some resources I have found to keep you current on the situation.

One is the highly estimable (and former resident of Wisconsin) Rizalist at Philippine Commentary, where he is updating his readers in the comments. (be aware Rizalist is definitely opposed to PGMA and wants her to leave office) Another source for up to the minute updates is The INQ7 Newspaper.

I will add sources as I discover them. Another blogger who has been covering this situation from afar is Austin Bay, though it has been some time he has updated this blog. Perhaps Mr. Bay will start a new blog on the latest events.

To summarize for you dear readers the situation is a Filipino Marine Colonel and supporters have created a standoff between forces loyal to the President. Marine Colonel Ariel Querubin is protesting the arrest of his superior officer. Forces loyal to PGMA have sealed off the fort and are not allowing anymore civilians to approach. Reportedly former President Corazon Aquino and a handful of her supporters are on the way in an attempt to join the rebellious marines. No sign of former President Fidel Villamor Ramos is being reported (nor statements by said former president).

Will do as Rizalist does and post updates in the comments section. Please note, that in my comments section the MOST RECENT comments appear at the top!

July 21, 2009 -- The V in Fidel V Ramos is for Valdez, not Villamor as I write above.