Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Not an Eight-Ball But...

Still worthy of comment.

My son was an ecologist, perhaps because he loved Mother Nature and her creatures. He and his two young sons (probably around age 8) enjoyed walking through the prairies and woods together sharing Mother Nature's many gifts.

When his boys were older, he took them camping and hiking in the mountains, where Mother Nature is at her best.

They loved sharing these experiences together and developed a warm and loving relationship (or "bonding," if you will) without firing a shot.

Nancy Elliott, Neenah
Source: The Appleton Post Crescent - Letters: Father-son bonding doesn't require guns
Well, Yippy skippy for your son. I don't begrudge your son raising his children the way he wants, but we don't need your condescending oh so superior attitude. I too have a warm and loving relationship with my father and brother and WE DID FIRE GUNS.

I need to come up with some sort of award to grant to those such as Ms. Elliot.