Monday, February 27, 2006

Whats Up Here.


I have paying quite a bit of attention to events in the Philippines and have not really blogged on anything happening here in the good ole USofA.

Well, not too much is new. The port sale continues to be demagogued. The cartoon conflagration still continues. My local newspaper finally got around to devoting some editorial attention to it, they had a representative from the local Islamic society write on it and yes, they want to add items to the freedom of speech checklist. The paper also had someone write in defense of freedom of expression.

The freedom we have to criticize Islam is returned to you my Muslim neighbors and gives you the right to criticize Christianity.

Other than that things are fairly humdrum. I have a hard time getting worked up about state politics and right now the only thing really significant is one crook in Madison is prosecuting another crook.

What else is there? I met Wayne from Babylonandon last Saturday evening. Him and his wife came up for the baptism of the daughter of a common friend. What a beautiful bass voice he has.

I had to turn Michael Salvage today. What is with him? One of the radio station plays and advert with him defending Rush Limbaugh, but usually I hear him knocking Rush and referring to him as Hush Bimbaugh. Hehehe, Salvage thinks the port deal is bad and Rush is fairly neutral on the subject. Oh well we all know who #1 is, right? It isn't Salvage who I think we can safely say is the male equivalent of Ann Coulter. Again of all the right wing commentators and talk show hosts I read and listen to its Coulter and Salvage I disagree with the most. However, my disagreement is hardly 100%.

Anyway I am working on modifying some shopping cart software so ttyl.