Friday, March 24, 2006

Al-Pazeera Strikes Again!

Powerline Blog catches the AP distorting reality so badly it falls into the land known as Deceitburg. Al-Pazeera reports that Mark Kennedy the GOP candidate for the US Senate stayed away from a public appearance with the President at a 3M plant, but showed up for a fundraising event later on.
Last month, GOP Senate candidate Mark Kennedy in Minnesota did not attend an appearance by Bush at a 3M Corp. plant outside Minneapolis, but joined him later at a fundraiser.
Source: Powerline Blog - Why Let the Facts Get In the Way of the Story? Quotation taken from an AP story.
However, John points out when the President made the 3M appearance Mark Kennedy was in the Capital voting on a new Majority Leader. Heheheh, that is not all, John also notes the fundraiser that Kennedy attended with the President occurred, get this, two month prior to the President's 3M appearance.

The 3M appearance was on February 2 and the fundraiser that Mr. Kennedy attended (this information that Powerline reports is based on a statement from Mark Kennedy's office) with the President was on December 9th. Either way you look at that, it isn't close.

The best we can hope for is Al-Pazeera makes the BS go away quietly, it would be silly to expect a correction.

Here is a website that helps to confirm that Al-Pazeera is in Deceitsburg with this story. BTW, I don't buy the Independent moniker, but if the President and Kennedy had a fundraising event together on the day of the 3M visit, they would have noted it, but all they note is the 3M visit occuring well after the Kennedy fundraiser. Hehehe, but they do whiff bigtime on the fact that Kennedy was away on official business when the President was visiting 3M.