Sunday, March 26, 2006

Last Night.

At a birthday party last night a buddy was telling me about another guy at the party earlier who had recently returned from duty in Iraq. The soldier told my buddy he had pictures from a warehouse full of drums of chemicals. Chemical 0 and chemical 1, i.e. binary weapon agents.

A binary chemical weapon is a weapon that has two components. Each component on its own is probably not as healthy for a human as whole wheat bread, but each component taken alone is relatively benign. Mix the two together and you have a deadly chemical weapon.

Now, I am skeptical. Why? If true why the heck wouldn't the administration show the nation? If true, that is vindication. My buddy, claimed to me the leaders don't give us credit enough to understand the details enough to know that warehouse means vindication. I would like to believe it but can not do so honestly.