Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Flood.

Of Iraqi documents being released is helpful.

However, I think the documents will do little to convert those who oppose the current Administration's policies on Iraq. I am sure if we found very detailed documents recording all sorts of WMDs and WMD production gear going across the border many on the left would not believe, claiming the documents to be forgeries or faked up.

However, in the long term those documents will help to bolster the WOT. First and foremost because it will take time to decipher, analyze, and paint a large and coherent picture of what they all mean. This is a long term project and we can look at the Cold War for illumination. Are there any Democrats out there who now claim they were not shoulder to shoulder with Ronald Reagan in fighting the Cold War? Not many. It is only with the passage of time do people who have dug themselves so deeply into a position can extricate themselves. Also, of course, our intelligence will come to be declassified and revealed.

Even with all of that beware, not all will be convinced. After all, there are those who think the Rosenberg's were still unjustly executed, that Alger Hiss was framed even after the release of Soviet communication intercepts and outright statements from ex-Soviet leaders on the helpfulness of the various spies they employed.