Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Gas prices are on the rise again. I heard one of our Democrat state assemblymen up here in the Fox Valley saying he had a bill to get tough on gas gouging. Does this mean he is going to call for lower gas taxes?

It is widely reported the percent profit most gas stations make on their gasoline is 10%. So for every $1.00 of gas sold a gas station earns about $0.10 of profit. So right now they would make about 30 cents/gallon. Last night a local gas station earned about $3.40 to $3.75 on myself (or so).

I bet the government of Wisconsin earned more money than that, the federal government too. What is worse is the governments are not taking on any risk there. They get the cherries and none of the raspberries.

Yes, I too want to go after the government for its gas gouging! However, I don't think this is what the assemblyman anonymously referred to was talking about.