Friday, April 21, 2006


Gas prices are on the rise. It is annoying as all heck! Not, the rise in gas prices the rise in the volume of the crying, the complaining, and the whining about rising gas prices.

Yeah, rising gas prices stinks I would rather have gas at a 10 cents/gallon than $3.50/gallon but that is life. We have no right to gasoline we have to bid for it and those who value it most will find ways to afford it or to use less of it.

Don't "gas n go" or "gas n grouch". Last summer I saw stickers at gas station cashier stands telling customers not to complain about the prices to the cashier, like they are the ones who dictate the gasoline prices. Idiots (the people who kvetch at the cashiers, not the cashiers).

What can you do? Plan your trips out better, buy a more fuel efficient car, keep your car in tune, make sure the tires are inflated to proper levels, accelerate and brake less (i.e. usually you know when you have to stop, instead of racing to the stop sign coast farther) etc.