Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Back In My Room.

And all settled down.

It seems weird not being on the cutting edge of the news and happenings. I bet my RSS aggregator has 1000+ entries awaiting for me to read. I guess most of us know those 1000s of items will get underlooked.

Anyway the only fresh commentary I have to offer is Brewer comment again. Dang, wasn't that nice tonight. The Empress always pines for the homerun, but I want to see small ball and manufactured runs. It was sheer beauty with that run that Carlos Lee scored tonight. We'll see about how they field.

A buddy of mine once said if one shakes the baseball tree they get 100 talented fielders. Of those 100 perhaps 10 of them can hit, and 1 or two can pitch. I wonder which tree the Brewers have been shaking?