Saturday, April 22, 2006

Mirror rorriM

I picked up on Ann Althouse's submission to the Bloggership Conference. What struck me was her comment how she likes the new material being piled on top as opposed to being tacked on to the bottom.

I love the simple, time-stamped structure of the blog, with each new item posted at the top. How seductive! How like life itself. In life, you can't skip backwards and forwards in time. You can only live in the present. A blog is like living, living in writing. What fun!
Source: Why a Narrowly Defined Legal Scholarship Blog Is Not What I Want: An Argument in Pseudo-Blog Form - By Ann Althouse and presented by the Social Science Research Network
However, on her site and most throughout the blogosphere comments are posted with the newest comment at the bottom instead of the top. I am proud to say here at Blogger Beer we have the freshest comments at the top as well as the fresh blogs at the top.

This has caused confusion. In my nastiest comments exchange to date I was duking it out with some leftists who were anticipating Fitzmas last fall was going to have at deliver at least a dozen indictments under their Fitzmas Tree. I was fighting a lonely battle then one of my regular readers joined battle and left a response and the fact I have new comments on top threw him for a loop. None the less the help was appreciated and it makes not a difference to me, I don't always comment on the last comment posted.