Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Gander is Getting Goosed.

I have blogged on gas before and will continue to do so. Cox and Forkum illustrate exactly what is going on. People expect their employers to give them as big of salaries as possible but then demand the absolute minimum when paying out.

The lefties are often caught on this petard. Demanding industries not "gouge" the customer but then turning around and demanding high salaries for their employees. An example of this is their chant of the high cost of low prices.

The left does have a point when they claim there is a cost not reflected in low priced gas. Of course, as soon as gas prices go up (the best incentive for conservation) they change their tune and scream about how high prices hurt the average Joe.

Are gold dealers gouging us? Gold prices have risen markedly of late. One last thing, if you valued your house at $180,000 and five people wanted to buy the house, what happens? The money you get for your house goes up, does this make you a gouger?