Saturday, April 15, 2006

Another Reason To Hate Microsoft.

I have to fight the urge to write "M$" after all I am a right-wing free marketeer. Reuters passes on a report how China's emperor (whoops president) is going to have his welcome dinner in Washington not DC but Washington BGH. BGH? Bill Gate's House. Here is one of the things I am quite sure will be on the table for discussion that is:
Like any good dinner guest, President Hu will not come empty handed. The Chinese government issued a decree two weeks ago that all PCs will need to have a licensed operating system software installed before leaving the factory gates in an effort to crack down on piracy.

As a result, three Chinese PC manufacturers announced plans to buy a total of over $400 million worth of Microsoft Windows operating system software over the next three years and Lenovo Group Ltd., China's largest PC maker, is expected to announce a similar deal on Monday, organizers said.
Source: Reuters - Hu welcome dinner at Gates house, not White House
I tip my hat to The Drudge Report on this one.

Wow, MS will have a substantial rise in profits and income not because people are freely choosing their product but because they are being forced to accept it. They are not being forced by product quality, product value, or well reasoned persuasion but by the barrel of a gun.

To be fair, the Chinese PC purchaser can take their PC home and close the gate on Gates by replacing Windows with their favorite OS (e.g. Slackware Linux) but they still have surrendered treasure to the Gateses. Of course few will choose that path.

BTW, Slackware is obtainable for under $50/distribution or free for the download. It comes with a huge amount of software bundled in.