Friday, April 14, 2006

E-Mailing the Bigs.

PJ Media picks up on a blog about e-mailing the big blogs on the block.

Harvey from Bad Example blog conducts an experiment in e-mailing the big blogs. On the whole he got good results. My experience e-mailing the big blogs has been on the whole good.

Here are some of the big blogs I have e-mailed with success.

The Belmont Club I sent a note to Wretchard after taking over the comments section of one of his posts. He was okay with it.

The Corner. I break this one out. Ramesh is good about answering his e-mail, I have had good success with John Derbyshire, and Rich Lowry. In fact, most Corner denizens are good about answering e-mail with two exceptions. Jonah Goldberg and Kathryn Jean Lopez. I have received one or two responses from Jonah but I do not expect replies from Jonah and have never received one from KJL. The trick is to discover their direct e-mails and not to send a message to the general "thecorner" bucket. BTW, my last The Corner response was yesterday from Ramesh.

The Jawa Report. Generally I expect a response when I do send a note to the Jawa Report's Dr. Rusty Shackleford. BTW, by expecting I mean I have come to see that most e-mails get a response, not that I feel entitled to a response.

Michelle Malkin I have had little luck getting response to my notes from Michelle. The only response I have received from Michelle was when I was asking about getting her to speak at an event.

One other famous person of note I have had e-mail exchanges with is Dr. Bjarne Stroustrup. Who the hey is Dr. Bjarne Stroustrup you ask? He is the man who designed and implemented the computer programming language C++.

In the end I have found it does pay to e-mail the bigs. However, as is pointed out, do not take non-response personally.