Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Cartoons in Dubai.

Many of you may be familiar with Chick Publications. Chick Publications publishes tracts pushing a fundy version of Christianity.

Well, I picked up on this blog that details a Chick Publication found on the windshields of cars in Dubai! Recall, Dubai is Islamic and therefore prohibits the urging of Muslims to convert from Islam.

Here is the offending publication on the web. Yes, it is offensive and I in general am suspicious (as a Catholic) of Chick Publications but I have a hard time getting my dander up about this, and characterize this as Muslims having to eat their yucky leftovers.

Some time ago I blogged on Islamic polemicist Ahmed Deedat and the I consider the Chick Publication to be on the same level. The Chick Publication contains much of the same techniques and common leftist arguments used against Christianity (e.g. Christianity co-opted pagan holidays such as the Winter Solstice & Spring Equinox for Christmas & Easter, very sophomoric).

My worry though, is as a former UAE Legion Of Mary member, the UAE authorities will make absolutely no differentiation and go after those Christians who practice their faith publicly but are not in the local population's face about it.

In fact, my pastor from the UAE sermonized multiple times about how St. Francis of Assissi gathered up some novices from his monastery. He told them, let us to the town and preach. After a day of helping people out they said not a word. The novices asked St. Francis about the promise to preach, and St. Francis observed they did the best preaching possible.

A friend of mine went to Thailand not too long ago to perform missionary work to assist with tsunami recovery. She told me the government was considering barring foreigners from the work because even though no overt missionary work was happening the locals were converting to Christianity. By your fruits people will know you! Indeed!