Saturday, May 06, 2006

Does Jonah Goldberg Read Blogger Beer?

I'm sure somewhere out there, someone is making a detailed comparison between the Cynthia McKinney incident and the Patrick Kennedy incident. Kennedy got - or, in a sense, almost got - special treatment from the Capitol Police while McKinney didn't. Whatever the merits of this comparison, the outrage on the subject is surprisingly muted. This no doubt has to do with a lot of specific details and the speed of Kennedy's apology and admission. But one detail that can't be left out is that Kennedy is a Democrat and a Kennedy. Does anyone doubt that if this had been a Republican under similar circumstances that the Congressional Black Caucus and the liberal bloggers would be denouncing the racist double standard being applied to a white Republican while McKinney was given no slack?
Source: KENNEDY VS. MCKINNEY [Jonah Goldberg] in The Corner

Now lets look at what I said the other day: Still, this gives lots of fuel to the Reverends Jackson and Sharpton. Actually, I just touched the subject lightly and went in more detail as it regards the treatment of Rush Limbaugh. However, Jonah's commentary is right. It is hard to believe Mr. Kennedy did not get special treatment.