Tuesday, May 30, 2006

From the WTF Files.

WTF is all this fuss about William Jefferson (D-Louisiana)? Come on, the FBI has their warrant, the raid team had nothing to do with the investigation, there was yet another team to vet all the material retrieved from the raid to make sure the material the raid team retrieved was relevant to the investigation and not Democratic strategy material or similar.

Cox and Forkum come up with a great cartoon on the matter and Hastert & Pelosi's reaction to the raid:
Now some make the argument that there is some Constitutional immunity from having a congressional office investigated. While the Constitution does give some immunity to lawmakers the idea that a lawmaker on the take with nearly $100,000 of cold and marked cash is protected by the Constitution is ludicrous.

So now instead of talking about William Jefferson (D-Louisiana) we are talking about the silly idea that our lawmakers are immune from the law in their offices. Hastert, you bonked!