Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Golf In Madison.

Last night I went golfing for the third time this decade. Went to Pleasant View in Middleton. Darned right it was a pleasant view! It was high up so we could see the surrounding lakes and the capital as well (notice this one very clearly at night).

How was the golf? Hehehehe, well I came off of the course feeling better about my game than going on. My cousin and I hooked up with another twosome and they were good, the better of the two saw something about my swing and mentioned it from that point on my strokes felt better. In fact on our next par 3 I put the ball just left of the green.

The other guy in the twosome wasn't as good but pretty decent. He had a very consistent hook and for the most part he played it well, with an aim off to the right, however every now and then the ball would go straight on him.

Any Madison area bloggers up for a round? Lance? Who else?