Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Newsy Day.


Very newsy day. First off, the news that the room full of pony poop is just that pony poop. That is to say, Patrick Fitzgerald has no intentions of pressing charges against Karl Rove.

Then the news of President Bush visiting Iraq. That in itself is very interesting but with the room full of pony poop it is all the more interesting.

Yeah, even though it was revealed the room doesn't have a pony in it the left is still digging and coming up with all sorts of theories on why Mr. Rove wasn't indicted. Despite denials from Rove's attorney the left still believes some deal was made and the kookiest of them believe Mr. Fitzgerald managed to get Karl Rove to testify against the Vice President. Hehehe, they call themselves the reality based community. That is rich, especially when they can not distinguish between fact and their fantasies.