Saturday, June 03, 2006

Friday Night

The Empress, on Thursday, caught a ride to Madison and I picked her up at the West Town Mall. Thursday night is none of your business and most of Friday involved me going to work and her staying in the room.

However, after I got back from work we jumped in the car and I gave her a whirlwind tour (plus I had some paperwork to deliver) of my Madison. This involved the paperwork delivery and then a ride to the office where I was working last fall and then worked our way back to the West side and showed her where the current client is. Then we went to the room and I changed into something more comfortable.

Got back in the car and went up Gammon Rd., drove her past an old haunt of mine the (the house was that of a college roommate, don't know if his folks are still there are even if they are still alive we have not had regular contact now for eons). Then when we hit University Ave. we took a right turn. I love that road and I have many memories of University Ave. One of them was stopping at the McDs by the round building after the Pink Floyd Concert (yeah it probably wasn't the best way for us but it was the dir we got headed and I knew where I was going, and a reminder to at least one reader that was 18 or so years ago) to that one morning I had to walk back from some sorority house (nothing of significance happened) to my buddy's place off of Gammon Rd.

Well, I turned into the parking garage I recollect we always parked in and found meters. We left and found another one and that one too had meters but I had enough of the driving I was itching to hit State St, so I fed in about four+ hours worth of quarters, better safe than sorry.

The garage was near the Capital and opposite from State St, eventually we worked our way around and got on State St. Hehhehe, we passed Kathleen Falk's campaign headquarters right next to the Capital and I was NOT tempted to go in and inform them I was a JB/Paul fan. There were people at work in the Falk campaign headquarters.

So we get to State St. and start looking for a place we ate at the last time we were in the area. It was a Middle Eastern sorta Arabic place. Eventually we found it and it is Husnus. Husnus is actually a Turkish joint but there are many similarities between Turkish and Arabic. So we sat down and ate. I had a lamb dish and the Empress had a chicken dish. Both were very good, the gin and tonic I had was a touch strong but the lime in the drink didn't seem out of place (I have had gin and tonics in Madison that should have come with an olive instead of a lime). As I said the lamb dish (Lamb Pide) was good, it came with some bread so I could use the bread to get it started down my alimentary canal without using my utensils (this really is the best way to eat dishes like that). The chicken couscous was very good too, if you stop in Husnus (and I suggest you do) you will not go wrong with the pide or the couscous dishes.

All the usual players were there. Street musicians playing a variety of instruments, steel guitars, German flutes, and saxophones (this is the penultimate street music instrument). Of course also present were people shaking cups at us and asking us for some spare change.

Well we finished our dinner and left the joint. We walked down the street and wondered on over to the Terrace. A jazz band was playing and while that was nice it was crowded and I didn't feel like hanging out there. We continued along Lake Mendota's shore on the bike path and we walked for a good half-hour or so and then turned around. It was a beautiful evening to do so such a thing. The weather was pleasant, the sunset was nice, while there was a hatch on (what lake doesn't have a daily hatch during the summer?) no bugs were biting. We returned to the Terrace took care of some biological needs and then went back to our car.

The police, rescue squads, and fire fighters were very busy. The parking lot at the Terrace had some police officers and rescue squad people attending to someone. As we walked back up State St. the wail of sirens was commonplace.

We got back into our car and found ourselves on John Nolen and back to the Beltline for our trip back to our hotel room. Tomorrow a recap of SA and then some commentary on an Appletonian's view of Madison.