Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Vinnie Is Mad

And has reason to be.

What is he mad at? He detects too many right-wing bloggers are heaping it on the Marines at Haditha. Of course the left-wing bloggers this is expected as a dog farting in the desert is sign enough we should withdraw our forces from Iraq.

However the problem Vinnie has is the investigation is not done. Those who act as if the Marines HAVE done what they are being accused of are doing so based on leaks, rumors, and innuendo. Please recall the investigation is ongoing and soon to be completed. Why don't we all wait until the investigation team announces its findings?

Remember how accurate the left were about Fitzmas. I had commentators telling me the number of indictments would number in the 10s. Lawrence O'Donnell was certain they would be in the dozens and all that happened was one weak indictment.

It goes without saying if the Marines are accused of atrocities they have to face a court martial and due process. Why don't we wait until those events happen rather than trying the Marines by blog?