Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Speaking of the Constitution.

John Kerry and our own Senator Feingold are talking about a "redeployment" of force from Iraq back home. IOW: cut and run.

However, aside from unmasking such euphemisms (which is done very well by Robert Kaplan pointed out here by Byron York) there is a more serious concern here. Senator Feingold constantly accuses the President of abusing the Constitution. However, anything more than asking (and the language used by Mr. Kaplan suggest that is exactly what is being planned a resolution) would instigate a constitutional showdown.

If the good Senators really wanted to take real action to bring the troops home why don't they talk to their buddies in the House to draft legislation denying funding for the effort? That is Constitutional and a lot more effective than any doomed to fail euphemism-laden resolution.