Thursday, July 13, 2006

Enough Already!

Lakeshore Laments run by Kevin Binversie with contributions from his brother and another fellow known as Beefy is one of the go to blogs in Wisconsin. I know Kevin personally from when he lived in Appleton and was attending Outagamie County Republican Party meetings and I have spent a number of afternoons (and a late morning or two) drinking suds with him at various locales throughout Wisconsin.

However, Kevin's fixation on the Terri McCormick's campaign is bordering on ridiculous. Yeah, John Gard is the leviathan and is essentially the party endorsed candidate (I will not go into the silly talk about how the party is supposed to stay out of things until after the primary, surely the party organization has some input on who and who will not run) and any attempt to beat him will look silly especially in the light of the recent presidential endorsement.

Gard has some problems. I have noticed many Republicans up here (in the 8th Cong. district not the 6th) detest Mr. Gard and quite a few are holding their noses in support of him. Mr. Gard is a career politician and AFAIK went from school to politics and has little private enterprise experience. One fellow I know (who is a Republican and was a statewide candidate for one of those minor state offices) says his job takes him in a lot of houses throughout the district and he senses that Gard has less support outside of the party than one would think. He also notes Union guy is not going to vote for Mr. Gard either (despite the fact I believe most Union guys beliefs are conservative just they are rock-n-rollers who don't follow politics themselves and let the union bosses dictate who they will vote for).

In the end I will not support or cast my vote for a Democrat (even Kagen who is someone else I have a real chance of meeting closeup, a friend of mine is close friends with his family) I will vote for either Gard or Terri but as for now I am with Terri.