Thursday, August 31, 2006


I find it amazing how the ISLAMIC FASCISTS have no need to disguise their intent. They are completely open about their intent. Fortunately for them our media and left are completely willing to ignore it and to explain it away.

Lebanon for all its groveling to the Hezbolalah parasite has bought nothing from Syria and Assad speculates (hah!) that the Lebanese government is not long for the world. Iranian president Mr. Ahmednuttyjihad doesn't even try to hide Iran's desire to wipe Israel off of the map and the left just tut-tuts us who take him at his word.

Bin Laden can talk openly about open warfare against the USA and its citizens and can even talk openly about re-conquering Spain and no one hardly notices or takes him seriously. In fact, at the slightest push Spain collapses like a sand castle near the seashore waves.

In fact, the elected leaders of the left try as hard as they can to tell us there is no real problem. We can go back to BJs in the oval office and DJ bubbles on Wall Street.