Friday, August 11, 2006

Anonymous Reporting Programs.

Remember shortly after 9/11 how the government tried to set up anonymous tip programs for reporting those who looked like they were engaged in terrorist plots? Remember how many whined about how the program could be abused?

Well, in Europe similar programs are up and running. Furthermore they are being used to report on "internet hate crimes." Paul Belien of the Brussels Journal is regularly harassed by the Belgium authorities based on anonymous complaints. He is frequently visited by the Belgium police.

I have an CD entitled "Compact Disc" (yes the title is "Compact Disc" the LP was "Album", the cassette tape "Cassette Tape" if it were put out on 8-track it would be entitled "Eight Track Tape" etc) by Johnny Lydon aka Johnny Rotten. He has a song that indicts the creeping sensitivity. I need to dig that up, and recount the lyrics for you because every time I read a story like this that song rings through my head.