Friday, August 11, 2006

Their Words Can and Will Be Used Against Them.

Check out the latest video from the GOP.

It starts out with resolute statements from historical Democrats (one of them St. JFK) and then pulls out recent statements. Yes, those statements are leaders of the modern left crying uncle.

The worst said against this video is the Krazy Kos Kiddies are hallucinating a Hitler mustache under the nose of Howard Dean. I agree Howard Dean is a dangerous figure but they shouldn't go about equating Howard Dean or any other figure in our nation to Hitler.

Oh, that's what they think? Actually, they think the picture was photoshopped ala Reuters. However, LGF looks into this and can not reproduce the Kos exhibit, so he suspects from fauxtography by Kos and his minions.

8/11/2006 - 11:49 am CDT.
LGF issues a correction. According to LGF sources the original photograph did have the shadow and the GOP then pulled the original and removed the shadow.