Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Reaction Not the Comments.

I am in a commentary discussion with a reader (as is always, I appreciate their reading my work and their comments even though I am at odds with them. The comments are written in a way that meaningful discussion can happen).

The discussion centers on the Mel Gibson drunk driving arrest.

I would not say I am not making light of his comments so much as the reaction to them. Quite clearly there are those in the leftist world of the American Academia who hold the very same opinions as Mr. Gibson does with respect to Jews. They are just as reprehensible coming from lauded academics as they are from Mr. Gibson. What disturbs me is the fact when such commentary comes from leftist academics the comments are at best ignored at worst earn harrumphs of agreement from many who now express disgust over Mr. Gibson's comments.

As was noted in this blog there is not a whole lot of difference between Mr. Gibson's comments & attitudes and those of all too many Nobel laureates.

One last note on this. President Ahmednuttyjihad says things much more vile and we are told by all too many that he really doesn't mean it, it's for internal Iranian consumption, etc. Why don't we see the same disgust expressed towards President Ahmednuttyjihad we see being expressed towards Mr. Gibson?