Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Comment Spam?

Hey fellow bloggers,

Do you get something from time to time that borders on spam but falls just short? Occasionally I get a comment that links to a Fox News story it is never quite out of context but close and it never replies to the other comments or address the material in the blog under which the comment is posted.

For example:
what is up with this....

Israel Intensifies Hezbollah Attacks Deeper Into Lebanon
3t45t | 08.02.06 - 5:51 pm | #
Source: Blogger Beer Comments Section Comment.

Now, the comment relates to the Israel vs. Hezbollahlah conflict. The blog reflects a bit on the side show in Gaza so the link is not completely irrelevant. However, the blog does not address a previous comment made by a regular reader. The comment is not pushing v1@qr@ (or similar) or pr0n however these sorta comments always link to Fox News. I suspect someone is being paid by Fox News to push their website via blogs. I don't mind as I prefer Fox News to the Caliphate News Network. Just wondering.

Anyone know anything more about this? Or am I being paranoid?