Friday, August 11, 2006

No Thanks, We Already Bought It!

WASHINGTON - Senate Democratic leaders on Friday accused Vice President Dick Cheney of playing politics with terrorism and contended that voters won't buy Republican arguments that the GOP is stronger on national security.
Source: Yahoo News (AP) Cheney accused of politicizing terrorism

So sorry Mr. Reid. The American public has bought it and is not returning it. Ole Neddy (that's Nedley, oh wait a minute I mean Ned Lamont) has stated we need to negotiate with the likes of the Hezbolalahs and Al-Qaida. Right. We want them gone, they want us dead. Lets say we split the middle, all say "There is no god but Allah and Mohd is his prophet" three times, pray five times a day, make at least one trip to Mecca in our lifetimes, give zakat, and fast every Ramadan. Oh yeah we can then stone homosexuals and cover our women from head to toe in black, destroy our TVs and musical instruments, shall I go on?

Also I am shocked that politicians are politicizing issues, as if the left is above that. Always remember, division never happens without the consent of the other side.