Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Green Campaign Communication.

Dear fellow Green Teamer:

Just when you thought Jim Doyle couldn’t go any lower, he has proven yet again why people like state Senator Mike Ellis – Wisconsin’s leading ethics reform champion – label him “the most ethically challenged governor we’ve had.”

Today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel confirms what we have known from the start – Jim Doyle’s campaign was calling the shots when the Democrat appointees of the state Elections Board defied their own legal counsel’s advice and reversed nearly 30 years of precedent to retroactively change campaign finance rules to help Doyle’s ethically bankrupt campaign.

You can read the article here , which describes a series of e-mail exchanges between Jim Doyle’s attorney and the Democratic members of the Elections Board in the days before the Elections Board meeting. You can read all the e-mails here , which show that without a doubt, Team Doyle was directing the supposedly independent board’s efforts to attack Mark.

Here are a couple highlights from the e-mails:

Even though one of the Democrats on the board, Robert Kaiseta, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that he wasn’t told how to vote by Doyle or his aides, in an e-mail Kaiseta expressly asks Doyle’s attorney “to go through the language of the motion before the meeting.”

Demonstrating his understanding that this manufactured decision would draw wide criticism and ultimately be overturned in court, Doyle’s attorney wrote in one e-mail: “I have also been told that the Gov’s Campaign and the Dem party and others will give you cover on this in the media. Even if this ends up in Court it is a PR victory for us since it makes Green spend money and have to defend the use of his Washington DC dirty money.”
Jim Doyle knows he can’t win this election in a fair fight, so he is trying to stack the deck against Mark.

As you know by now, for 29 years the state Elections Board has allowed federal candidates to convert their campaign accounts to a state committee. Five years ago, Democratic Congressman Tom Barrett did just that when he decided to run for governor. On a unanimous and bipartisan vote, the board ruled that what Tom Barrett did was both allowed and proper.

Doyle’s manipulation of the Elections Board has created the exact firestorm of criticism that Doyle’s attorney promised to provide “cover” for.

Editorial boards from around Wisconsin have called the decision “wrong,” “suspect and political,” and “selective enforcement.”

Even Russ Feingold’s campaign manager said the board’s decision “rewrites the law” and represents a “double standard.”

People from all over Wisconsin have shown their disdain with Jim Doyle’s actions by making a contribution to Mark or singing up to join our Green Team volunteer army as we head into the home stretch of the campaign.

But, as we’ve seen, Jim Doyle will stop at nothing to hold onto power. The dirty tricks will continue. Mark needs your help to fight back against Jim Doyle’s corrupt brand of politics and bring a much needed change to Madison.

That’s why I’m again writing you to ask for your help. Please make a “contribution for change” by using our secure Web site.

Last time I asked for your help, thousands of Wisconsinites responded and we raised a record amount of campaign donations over the Internet in just 72 hours.

Please help Mark keep fighting by clicking here and making a donation today . Any contribution will be greatly appreciated.

With your help we will continue to counter Jim Doyle’s effort to cheat his way to re-election.

Thank you for your continued support.


Mark Graul
Campaign Manager

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E-mail from "Mark Graul, Campaign Manager"
What Doyle's campaign did is the old trick we see on cheesey lawyer shows. An attorney makes a statement or a claim and knows will be objected to. However much the other attorney objects and the judge agrees (and no matter the truth of the matter) the words can not be taken back, they can be strucken from the record but not from the heads of jurors.

This is a start and the Green Campaign needs to make an issue of this and situations such as the Adelman Travel scandal. Is that how politicians act in Wisconsin?

Propoents of campaign finance reform need to to call Doyle on his cynical use of the elections board to make sure only 100% governemnt approved candidates run against him, i.e. none.