Wednesday, September 27, 2006

You Have the Right To Jihad...

You have the right to falafel, if you can not afford falafel the court will subsidize it for you...

Sound silly? I hope so but it actually is not so far from the position of the Democrats. Will our soldiers be required to carry Miranda cards with them?

This is extremely silly and fatuous. The Dems whine they are not being taken seriously when it comes to national security, well why should we? Why should the American public accept the idea those waging war on the US be treated the same as a guy who sticks up an old lady? This is what the Dems are proposing.

What if Woodrow Wilson suggested captured Germans be read Miranda warnings (uh, lets change that to garden variety criminals let alone German POWs). How about FDR wanting the same warnings read to Japanese POWs? Its ironic FDR is a hallowed saint in the Democratic Party, how ironic they would label him a Nazi torturer.

The only way the Left will be satisfied with the War on Terror is if we replace the army with the Keystone Cops.

However much I may say Michael Savage is a danger to the US he has one thing spot on. This is not about fighting the war on terror or protecting the nation. The Dems and their enablers are desperate for power. If a Dem were in office they could turn the Middle East into glass (i.e. nuke it all) and it would be off of the front pages in a week in order to make room for something a Republican did 25 years ago.

The talk of the left indicates they want an ALL OUT WAR FOR CIVILIZATIONAL SURVIVAL. Huh you say? Yes. They talk about shared sacrifice, tax raising, and the draft. However, why not head that off? Instead they take the fools bargain.