Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Weekend.

Was Busy!

Appleton had its Octoberfest on Saturday. Friday night rushed home and helped make up roughly 600 Filipino egg rolls (aka lumpia). Then helped my buddy who is in charge of logistics getting the logistics ready. Nearly ran a trailer through their neighbor's plate glass window (neighbor across the street). Pulled his trailer out of the garage, emptied it, and then him & myself tried to load up a full sized chest freezer. DUUUUHHHHHH! Anchor the trailer to something solid first.

The freezer was heavy and we lifted the beast up got it a bit on the trailer and the trailer started to roll.

Hehehe, F=mA ---> F/m = A. Where F is the vector sum of forces acting on a body of mass M and A is the acceleration (also a vector). The force of us acting on the freezer (and on the trailer) was greater than the force of friction holding it in place. Quickly we applied force on the trailer in opposition to the force of us holding onto the freezer and my lovely wife came and applied some force of her own (in opposition to the force holding the freezer). However, once that freezer was securely on the trailer we quickly got it loaded up.

Early on SA it was Tim, Tim's father, my lovely wife, and myself on College Avenue. Things from his trailer were already unloaded and it was a matter of arranging things. Tim did a great job of arranging and organizing the layout. However, I had to run for a few things. I went for a card table then was called to get 2 25' 12 gauge extension cords to power our gear. Then when I finally got back & parked my car I had to return for a new fire extinguisher. Got it and we were off.

It was a very good day. In the end our revenue was in the thousands of dollars and our expenses were in the hundreds. We had a long line all day long and the Octoberfest organizers, police officers, and others say our was the second longest line in the event. It was the barbecue we make that sold the most and was it hot. Our volunteers and ourselves pounded out about 1500 sticks and we sold nearly every one.

We could have increased the price probably by about another 67% and did just as well.

Thank You Fox Valley!