Saturday, November 25, 2006

Mabuting Balita sa Filipinas! Good News from the Philippines!

Bob from Mindanao Blog reports:
It happened today, the Philippine Armed Forces (AFP) got a huge catch in the War on Terror! Remember the group of hostages that was taken by the Abu Sayyaf in June of 2001? That's the same group that included Martin and Gracia Burnham, the American Missionary couple that was held by the Abu Sayyaf. In the end, Martin was killed by his captors, while Gracia was injured, but able to return alive to the United States. At that time, another of the American Hostages, Guillermo Sobrero was beheaded by his Abu Sayyaf captors.
Source: Mindanao Blog – Philippines nabs a big catch in the War on Terror!
Bob quotes from a Philippine Daily Inquirer Article here is a distiurbing passage:
Akbar said Abbas was previously arrested but managed to escape from prison during the 2004 jail break in Basilan. He rejoined the Abu Sayyaf and was named commander of the group previously under Hamsiraji Sali, who was killed by soldiers in 2003, according to Akbar.
Source: Abu Sayyaf in American's beheading in 2001 nabbed in Basilan – Philippine Daily Inquirer.
The disturbing part is the escape. It seems the big fish always manage to get away. Some years ago some Abu Sayyaf bigwigs were in prison and they managed to get guns and take over the prison. In the end the Abu Sayyaf bigwigs took their dirt naps but escapes are quite common.
Annek Abbas being led away. Ironic he is wearing a shirt referring to beer.