Sunday, December 17, 2006

John Kerry's Inner Frenchman Peaks Out.

HT: Little Green Footballs.

He also plans to visit Syria for talks with President Bashar Assad and travel to Lebanon, Israel and the West Bank.

Syria has influence with Iraqi Sunnis, and some leaders of the Sunni-led insurgency are believed to be living there. Kerry has criticized the Bush administration for refusing to engage with Syria and Iran, as was recommended by the bipartisan Iraq Study Group.

Kerry acknowledged that Syria's influence with Sunni insurgents is limited "but it can create mischief as it has been." He said discussions with Syria were important because of Damascus' involvement in a range of regional issues, including Lebanon and the Palestinian areas.
Source: Yahoo News via Al-Pazeera (The AP) – Kerry: Iraq visit helped focus his views

Boy what is this with all the eye problems the Democrat senatorial caucus is having? Don't they have a vision plan in their senatorial medical insurance plans? They can't be going to Syria because they think their talk will solve the problems in the Middle East, no can't be, can it?

Just a little advice to Bashar Assad. The senators you are talking with do not have the final say when it comes to foreign policy.