Sunday, December 17, 2006


Unfortunately this is based on a story reported just on Drudge's front page:
RIPPER IS BONDAGE BEAST: Detectives hunting the Ipswich Ripper... [emphasis added]
The Drudge Report.
Yawn! Uhh, ripper has been used before.

So, what shall we call this guy? Well, drop the ripper cliché; how about the Bondage Beast? How Vic Violent? How about James Bondage (note to pr0n0 producers if you haven't made that one yet I claim dibs on the title, write me & I'll sell you the rights to the title, however I am sure they have beat me to it. Note it does appear there is a "musician" using that title). How about the Ipswich Disemboweler?

Hang-a Marcus, shoot-a Marcus, but please no ripper clichés!

Same goes for GATE with respect to American political scandals.

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