Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Lack of Posting
Its Christmas and as you all know I am essentially living out of a hotel.

Spying on Princess Di and on Political Opponents
Isn't it just like that Bush! Wait a minute, that was the Clinton administration. Not only are there accusations of illegal wiretapping of non-Citizens (nothing in the Constitution about that) but also of wiretapping of citizens (One of Princess Di's suitors was a Republican activisit). Recall there was something about the FBI files of many of President Clinton's domestic opponents being in Clintonista hands. Of course, this will all be dismissed and ignored by those who complain about President Bush's administration listen in on the conversations of those who make war on us.

Unless of course we want to make Princess Di out to be the same as Osama Bin Laden but I don't even think the left can do that to defend President Clinton.

Update 12/15/2006 7:36 pm
Byron York in his article on the above warned the story was based on reporting by British newspapers. Turns out a reading of the actual report contains no charges of US Government spying on Princess Diana & her suitors.

Still, never forget about the FBI file collection the Clintonistas gathered on its Republican's opponents.

Mel Gibson Movies
What is it he has against the lingua franca of the US? He thinks making the film more foreign-like will win over those who hate him? Make your movies in English and laugh at them on your way to your savings & loan.

This story about another McCainiac proposal has me wondering.
I think details of the bill are being left out, but leave it to ham-handed legislators to make life complicated. This webmaster is but a small herring in a school of millions... And some wonder why the mom & pop shops of the world are being run out of business? It isn't the rise of Wal-Mart; the rise of Wal-Mart is but a symptom, laws like the McCainiac's are the cause.

Ahmednuttyjihad says Israel to end!
Yawn, another trite cliche from Ahmednuttyjihad. I wonder if it were to happen, for instance, a nuclear device in Tel Aviv. Of course, it would be a Zionist & Neo Con plot.