Monday, December 04, 2006

Our Guests Are Gone.

On Thursday evening guests arrived. Our niece and her husband from Chicago, and a nephew from Manila arrived. They left earlier today.

It was a busy weekend. We went to Green Bay, visited my brother's home, toured Lambeau Field (stood in the south tunnel on the field), visited a friend, and then drove to Oshkosh to see their festival of lights. Oh yeah, we visited a friend who was working in the American Legion on college and found other friends there as well.

Saturday, went to a party in Manitowoc and then to Park Central. Yesterday, we attended mass in Holy Hill and then went to Manitowoc again to visit my parents. Yeah, many miles were driven.

Our company just left and the house is much larger (even though it is small to start with) and lonelier. Oh well. Next weekend we will go to Chicago to visit them and see our Nephew from Manila off as he is off to visit friends and family in New York and then off to Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Even though it is sad the visit is over, it was very nice to have such friends & family over during the holiday season.