Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Liberal Vs. Leftist

My ideas on the difference between lefists and liberal can be found here. Obviously, the commentator did not bother to look into my usage too much. To sum up, I use liberal in the classical sense. In that sense those who support free enterprise & liberty are liberals. E.g. most of us in the West are, whether we are Republican voters or Democratic voters. Next time, use Blogger's search feature.

When you start believing THugo Chavez is a beacon of freedom & liberty and George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, etc is not then you have left the ranks of liberals and are a leftist. When you wail and gnash your teeth over the fact the 'xplodey dope did not kill VP Cheney you are not a liberal or a Democrat you are a leftist and so on.

I find it funny, how the group I call leftists keep changing their label from time to time. Shortly that label becomes a political pejorative. They claimed liberal, now its bad to be liberal. So now they are "progressives" and progressive is becoming the same.

To the point it was only one or two leftists lamenting 'Xplodey dopes' failure. A little cruise to Michelle Malkin's site gives you a small dose. Cruise on over and she has a link to a PDF produced by a reader, of the Huffington Post comments section on the story before HuffPo's administrators cleaned out the leftist eruption.

I don't believe they were trying to "hide" it as much as they realized their reader's comments were quite inappropriate and embarrassing. I give them credit for doing so.

Admittedly, blog commentators I am guessing are a minority of blog readers who in turn are a minority of the population at large. But, that minority is noisy and is gaining much influence of among the Democrats. Does the name Amanda Marcotte mean anything to you?

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