Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Quote & Other Things

In the land of the dark the Ship of the
Sun is driven by the Grateful Dead [emphasis added].
-- Egyptian Book of the Dead
Source: My computer's fortune program.

Yes, that is where the band got its name from.

The idiot drivers were out in droves today. On the beltline (12-18 that runs south of Madison and is usually a quick cross-town route) two bumper-cars reject formed the perfect rolling roadblock. She would not speed up to get by the car in the right nor would she slow down and fall behind. I am patient so I just gritted my teeth, rolled eyes and so on. But of course, I witnessed about four idiocies spawned by the bumper-cars reject. One fellow went around on her left on an overpass shoulder, another performed a quick dart in between her and another car (the one her original roadblock was formed by had gotten off of the road or something), very dangerous I saw it coming and braked so as to avoid what I thought would likely be a smash up. In comparison the other idiocies (and the original) are minor.

Not enough idiot driver stories for you tonight? I am on I94 and am in the right lane maintaining what I consider to be an extremely tight space of about 1/2-3/4 car length gap in between me & the car in front. Behind me must have been about a 30 car gap. Of course, where did the blinking idiot coming onto the I94 from HWY30 want to go? Into the 1/2 car gap or the 30 car gap? RIGHT the 1/2 car gap. I started to close the gap but IDIOT was undeterred and so I gave a quick glance over the left shoulder and yeah a car was there, so I had to slam on the brakes.

No, I did not honk or flip anyone off (blinking idiot was very quickly into the center lane and off) but if I had a CB I would have been on it informing any & all LEOs up the road they had a revenue source on the way.

I saw a goodly number of leisurely left-lane cruisers as well, at least they were just dumb and not dangerous.

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