Friday, February 16, 2007

Unsavory Avery

WFRV is blogging the trial of Steven Avery. So far there has been one shock and it concerned testimony regarding a comment made by Steven to an older nephew. Apparently the comment was along the lines of "Do you want to help me dispose of a body". The accounting of the testimony and cross-examination make it appear the comment was spoken in jest. The defense tried to get a mistrial declared on account of inadequate discovery, but failed in that.

The defense is trying to build a story that this is all a setup by Manitowoc County to get back with him over the lawsuit on Avery's wrongful rape conviction. However, the story as its being presented makes a house of cards appear stout.

The story essentially amounts to Ms. Halbach was murdered and Manitowoc County took the body, the car, and everything else and planted it. The defense states its not their belief the County killed Ms. Halbach but still they claim its a setup.

The other tack many of Avery's defenders take is to point out how silly it is for a man like Avery to have murdered a woman at his own residence how, they reason, could any person not know such evidence would be so obvious investigators would suspect him. That is they believe Steven Avery smart enough to know not to kill someone on his property.

That is called being too clever by half. First off, Steven Avery has a long criminal history and this is completely leaving out the crime for which he was wrongly convicted of. Two, looking at that history shows the guy thinks he can get away with things even after not getting away with things. I've seen people of similar attitude. Probably thinks, oh those college boys are all book smart no common sense I can pull the wool over their eyes.

In order to pull this conspiracy defense off, you must convince the jury that all of the combined sheriff's departments of Manitowoc and Calumet Counties are in on it.

BTW, don't worry about the Wisconsin Innocence Project. Their work is good and the recidivism rate of those they spring is WAY below the norm for released prisoners. Steven Avery is not the norm.