Monday, March 05, 2007

Ann Coulter

I have blogged on Ann Coulter before. Clearly, she is a lighting rod who not only stands in storms she creates storms as well.

I read Ann's columns on a regular basis and find a few that are good, some okay, and others reprehensible.

However, the best commentary I have read or heard to date is James Wigderson's at Wigdernson's Library & Pub:
I think part of the problem is that there is a significant faction of the Right that wishes we were as free to be as obnoxious and offensive as the political Left, and they're more than willing to embrace Coulter just to hear the Left gasp. Except the Left isn't gasping anymore. They use Coulter to justify their own extremists even as they also use Coulter to bash anyone associated with the Right forcing all of us to once more go through the routine of saying, "Of course I don't hate homosexuals, and I condemn what Ann Coulter said..." (That extends to pundits, too.)
Wigderson Library & Pub – Can we stop inviting Ann Coulter to conservative events?

That is, the double standard is like the sun rising – a fact of life. I agree with James that we need to make sure we hold ourselves to the higher standard. Let the left wallow in gutter. However, we need to make sure we do not let our political opposition scream us into submission. In fact, in the comments (responding to the blog I link to) some commentators pretty much lay out a list that anyone who disagrees with them is as bad as Ann (there is a name or two in the list I agree with). Of course, the hope is we will sacrifice them as well just so we can all get along. Of course if we surrender and jettison everyone they demand they will still be be unsatisfied.

Heck, even Ann Althouse has to write why she does not feel the need to denounce Ann Coulter. Heck, Ann Althouse is not doctrinaire Democrat or Republican (of all the blogs I read and commentary I read hers is the best written & reasoned exposition of thoughtful centrism) but because she is not sufficiently anti-Republican she gets lumped in with Ann Coulter.

Like Steve Kagen in his story about insulting various Administration officials, Ann is drawing attention to herself instead of the issues. That is bad.