Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Be Not Afraid - A Prayer

News reports have been saying lately only now is the surge fully operational. To see what that means read Michael Yon's latest dispatch from Iraq. Michael Yon is embedded with a unit going into Baquba (Northeast of Baghdad is how the press reports it).

We will go in on foot and fight from house to house if needed. We will shoot rockets into their hiding spaces, and our snipers will shoot them in their heads and chests. This is where all that talk of cancer and big ideas of what should be or could be done will smash head on against the searing reality of combat.

These words flow on the eve of a great battle, but are on hold until the attack is well underway. Nothing is certain. I am here and have been all year. We are in trouble, but we have a great General. The only one, I have long believed, who can lead the way out of this morass. Iraq is not hopeless. Iraq can stand again but first it must cast off these demons. And some of the demons must be killed.
Source: Michael Yon Online Magazine – Be Not Afraid