Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Grim Naivete

Source: Cox & Forkum Editorial Cartoons – Colossal Evasion
The other day at the YMCA I was working out in the men's fitness center and one of the deacons from our church was there working out. Being we rarely attend our our church (another church in town has better timings) he did not recognize me, but I surely recognized him, all you need is to hear him as this fellow has a voice you will never forget.

Anyway, the TV was on and a story came on with the President in Eastern Europe and our deacon started having a BDS attack. A little bit later the TV had footage of Joe Liebermann on talking tough with respect to Iran and talking about the possibility of war with Iran. Our deacon again started talking about (in an extreme sarcastic tone) about how we need to make war with everyone it was irrationality at work in our deacon's head.

No wonder I have this notion the only problem with our parish is not just the timings.

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